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WebDimension Ltd. offers multiple types and levels of support to its users for use of products and services. We offer special support for use of products, but also special support for franchisee users our authorized Agents in sales. Each user as a franchisee can also provide support to users in its distribution network, as well as interested persons potential future customers who want more informations...

Contact WebDimension Email: [email protected] - [email protected]

Follow WebDimension on the Net: - Basic model of communication between users and company is via e-mail. If is required the phone contact, we will contact You on your mobile phone. Telephone contact will be carried in the shortest possible time, max. 48h. Communication can be achieved in one of eight languages ​​from the site. For all help and informations about hosting, contact us to "support" e-mail. In business office You can contact us through item a "special claims". When your claim is resolved, we will notify You by e-mail or SMS. For important situation we will contact You on your mobile phone. For all help and informations about franchise, contact us to "info" e-mail. In business office You can contact us through item a "special claims". 
When your claim is resolved, we will notify You by e-mail or SMS. For important situation we will contact You on your mobile phone. Each user on his franchise website can place some personal informations. Info / Support; phone number, Skype, e-mail, links, tekst messages. Social networks; links to profiles which he owns on some social networks. Subdomain "" can serve also for business Marketing. Each user can may offer a support in his own distribution network. From office; in item "network hosting packages" follow work of all users. That overview also offers a contact details of the hosting packages owner. In item "split  off view", extract the users that achieve greater success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 3 small Web packages as 1 packet?

Each package, in addition to hosting products and services, also offers the possibility for a daily money earnings (Franchise).


With a three packages, there is also a three accounting points with the possibility for Your daily earnings.

Why the 8 flags but two of it translated?

The company's representative office for all EU markets is registered in the Republic of Croatia. For this reason, the pages and the business office, in addition to English, have been translated also into Croatian.


Eight flags represent languages in which support is possible, although we prefer English.


You can also edit some details on Your business page separately for each flag in Your business office (eg contact information, text messages, social media links, etc.).


On the site and in the business office You have implemented "Google translator" for help.


The interface for business and private mail is translated into all languages of the world.

What do I get with the free registration?

You get Your own business office for thirty days where You can view and study the power point promotion on earning opportunities (when You become a WebDimension franchisor), franchise business page and business mail.


After thirty days if You have not rented the "WebDimension Start Packet", everything will be deleted. You can re-register for free again in the future with a new thirty trial days.


You make Your Purchase of the "WebDimension Start Packet" in the business office (menu "Internal Account" item "PayPal Transactions").


First, the funds are transferred via PayPal account to the internal account You registered at WebDimension (item "Payment from PayPal").


Then You make a purchase from Your business office "Internal Account".

How to renew "package free" domains?

After You have renewed Your "WebDimension Start Packet" in the business office, there is an "Activation and Upgrade" item in the menu called of Your choice ("Franchise Name").


This item lists all active domains You have (each of the three smaller packages has its own business office separately).


After the "Start Packet" is renewed next to the domain a link to renew the domain will also appear. Clicking on that link will renew the preferred domain for the following year.


For all help, contact us via email: [email protected]

What if I did not renew "Start Packet"?

Regardless of the fact that You have not renewed Your web hosting "Start Packet", You still have free access to Your business office.


You can extend the packages later when You want. Your package remains Yours forever, also all the work done is not erased and has lasting value.


The package can be renewed for an unlimited period. But then the franchise is no longer free like when You renew Your web hosting packages regularly every year.


Possible payments will be refunded to the company's account during the period when You do not have a valid franchise.


It is therefore recommended that You renew Your packages regularly, as the work that needs to be done for a significant profit is minimal compared to all other businesses, especially franchises.


We recommend that You read the "Franchise Agreement" and "Terms of Use" on our website.

Why User must have at least 18 + / 21+?

Given that in addition to the web hosting products and services You have paid for, You also get a free WebDimension franchise with significant earning potential.


For this reason, each person who rents a "Start Packet" must be of legal age, which in most countries is 18+, but in some countries it is 21+

Who can inherit Packet and Franchise?

The package can inherit only person that You typed as the successor to Your business office (menu "User profile" item "Account Successor").


Successor can be changed constantly, but the last person You typed for life will inherit everything.


The "Start Packet" does not have to be renewed for a person to inherit it, just as a person does not have to be of legal age (read "Franchise Agreement").


The work done is not deleted. The person who inherited the "Start Packet" with franchise continues to use all the opportunities that You had.


It is recommended that You read the "Franchise Agreement" on our website.

How to order the Payoneer MasterCard?

Payoneer MasterCard for WebDimension must be ordered exclusively from Your business office (menu "Internal Account" item "Payoneer MasterCard").


The card can be ordered after the first payoff in WebDimension company.


Before ordering, You need to upload a color copy of Your ID card (in Your business office) and wait for approval from the WebDimension company.


Payoneer MasterCard that is not ordered from the WebDimension business office will not be valid.

Why a representative office for the EU?

Representation for EU markets is registered, due to market research, better customer support, as well as advertising and promotion of WebDimension company and business.

Can users be from all around the world?

Users of WebDimension web hosting products and services with franchise can be from all over the world.


Please note that all earnings earned through the WebDimension franchise are paid to an internal account You receive at WebDimension.


From Your internal account You need to transferr Your earnings to Your account via PayPal or Payoneer.


If at least one of these two services in Your country does not allow transfers, You will not be able to use the earned money.


For all further informations contact us via email: [email protected]