Franchise agreement and rules                               Between Users & Company

The Franchise agreement is unique for all of the users and is published on the official website of WebDimension Ltd. as well as the franchise page of each user. One for all it's our quality!


Franchise agreement with a license for representation in the sale of products and services provided by WebDimension Ltd. Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, JLT, P.O.Box 23271 Dubai, U.A.E. (hereinafter referred to:"WebDimension Ltd.") and You as a user of franchise license (hereinafter:"User or Franchisee").

Users of web hosting packages, domains and all products and services from web hosting assortment can be the persons or companies. Free franchise can read as follows solely on the person.

By accepting a General Terms of Use when fulfilling the registration forms it is considered that You have read the franchise agreement, that You are understand him and accepted fully.


Franchise explanation:

  • Each user franchise license must have 18 + years of age and in some countries 21 + years of age.

  • Each user after the first lease "WebDimension Start Packet" becomes an active user and the owner of free franchise under product designation.

  • Franchise is a license to represent the sale on behalf WebDimension Ltd.'s, and as such is valid worldwide.

  • Each user as authorized Agent for sale in his business office has a certificate for his franchise with with indicated date of duration.

  • The certificate is validated, and serves as an official confirmation that the user is authorized WebDimension Ltd.'s representation in sales.

  • Certification is an integral part of WebDimension Start Packet and its duration is equal to the duration of the WebDimension Start Packet lease.

  • WebDimension Ltd. awards Agent in sales for all currency who make themselves, and for all the turnover in their sales network.

  • Actual bonuses are commissions earned solely on sales of products and services under the name "WebDimension Start Packet“.

  • WebDimension Start Packet (web hosting package) is made up of the three smaller packages linked into a unique larger. Packet is used in a way that each smaller package has its own following business office (center).

  • All products of which it is composed WebDimension Start Packet are from the web hosting assortment.

  • WebDimension Ltd. advertises and promotes business for all users with its official website.

  • All WebDimension Start Packets leases amounted via WebDimension Ltd. official website is assigned to active users.

  • The user advertises the company and business solely with the user name of his franchise and franchise websites.

  • In addition to online, franchise owner is valid Agent for all other legal ways of selling products and services on behalf of the company.


Main conditions:

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to suspend or cancel their service to users who violate the terms and conditions of this agreement.

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to suspend or cancel its services to any user who violates general terms and conditions.

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to suspend or cancel its services to customers who do damage to business or reputation and honor of the company.

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to change the content, terms and conditions of the contract without prior notice.

  • Moving registration of any active user of one team sales network in other theam sales network is strictly prohibited.

  • If the user moves an active user registration he will permanently lose the right to the franchise, as well as the user who is in this case moved.

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to immediately and permanently canceled its services to users who try to copy an idea or way of doing business.

  • WebDimension Ltd. has a unique way of calculating bonuses, prizes and the distribution system in the world, and reserves the right to further use.


Franchise site and business office:

  • All franchise pages is edited by WebDimension Ltd. except for the space info/support that regulates user who owns the eponymous franchise.

  • Each user owns 3 franchises pages that represent his franchise on the internet under a unique username.

  • Each of the 3 franchise sites has an accompanying business office (center), with unique internal account for each of the 3 commercial offices, but with different ID numbers.

  • In the space info/support, users can place the links solely for the domain and subdomain page that leased by WebDimension Ltd.'s.


For the text published on a franchise business page in info/support space You are solely responsible!

Active user Franchisee:

  • WebDimension Start Packet username is unique within the company, and is also a valid franchise username.

  • Each user individually specifies the user name when filling out the registration form.

  • Franchise username can not be changed except in special circumstances.

  • Franchise is free if the user regularly (once a year) renewed lease of products and services called "WebDimension Start Packet“.

  • If the beneficiary is not regularly renewed WebDimension Start Packet he can ransom the right to franchise.

  • The cost of the ransom rights to the franchise is a unique, at the price of WebDimension Start Packet, for entirely years back for which the package is not restored.

  • There is no limitation period in which the franchise owner or heir can redeem all valid rights (under this contract) on the franchise.

  • Regardless of the expiration of the WebDimension Start Packet, after the first packages lease, each user has unlimited access to the business office (center).

  • The user can monitor the status of the sales network, regardless of whether there is a currently valid franchise certificate.

  • After the WebDimension Start Packet has not been active for five consecutive years, for security reasons and legal regulations on data protection, access to the business office will be blocked.

  • At the User's request via e-mail address: [email protected] for the purpose of purchasing the franchise and renewing the package, access to the business office will be re-authorized.

  • After ransom the rights to franchise the user should lease WebDimension Start Packet for current/next year, and so acquire a new valid certificate of franchise.

  • Repurchase franchise rights is calculated in the sales network as well as WebDimension Start Packet lease for every year of repurchase.

  • Franchise is hereditary and user defined successor during his life in a space that is designed for it in the business office (center).

  • In some of the special cases it is possible to transfer an existing franchise to successor during a life, in that case the current owner of the franchise should contact WebDimension Ltd. for more informations.

  • With the transfer of the franchise license transmits the entire sales network established by the date of transmission and all products from "Webdimension Start Packet".

  • WebDimension Ltd. undertakes to transfer the franchise license to last successor specify by the former owner during life.

  • If the franchise successor does not have enough years under the rules of the contract, all rights will temporarily have a current custodian.

  • Each user can own an unlimited number of franchise licenses in their own names, but only in the distribution network of the first leased package.

  • WebDimension Ltd.  guarantees that achieved sales network can not be rewritten to other persons, except those authorized by the owner of the franchise.


Bonuses and awards for achieved sales:

  • WebDimension Ltd. reserves the right to modify the bonuses height and accounting method of the realized sales within the users sales network.

  • WebDimension Ltd.  can share and awards for special accomplishments achieved in representation sales to each active user.

  • WebDimension Ltd. made bonus payments ​​continuously every 12 hours on the internal accounts of users, and prizes at its own decision.

  • Calculation of each turnover is immediate, and payments for all users realized bonuses are exactly 2X daily at 00:00 and 12:00 by GMT time.

  • User can use his bonuses on internal account offered ways in his business office (center.)

  • Bonuses are forwarded to the internal user account solely at the time of WebDimension Start Packet lease and the current franchise certificate.

  • At a time when WebDimension Start Packet of some user does not have a valid lease bonuses are paid irrevocably to company.

  • Achieved bonuses who do not have the conditions for payment shall remain valid to fulfilling conditions and are valid unconditionally in an unlimited period.

  • All bonuses that are already on the internal account users can use unconditional and time unlimited on the offered ways.

  • Users can donate money from their internal account to another user's internal account.

  • Donated money can be used exclusively for the purchase of products and services.

  • To protect against theft is not possible to transfer donated money to Payoneer MasterCard or PayPal account.

  • Each user can transfer earned bonuses exclusively from their internal account to their Payoneer MasterCard or PayPal account.

  • Loading of identification document (ID card copy both sides) and order of Payoneer MasterCard is required for each user.

  • WebDimension Ltd. settle all required duties of all paid bonuses and prizes for customers in a company jurisdiction.


Support for active users and security:

  • WebDimension Ltd. provides general support to all active users in the company.

  • Franchisees may provide support for the franchise and for the users within his sales network.

  • WebDimension Ltd. shall not be liable for franchise user who do not want to provide support.

  • All personal information of every user WebDimension Ltd. will used exclusively for business cooperation.

  • Personal data shall not be released publicly and will be protected.

  • Business office (center), internal account and all kinds of transactions are protected by SSL protocol. 


Responsibility and guarantee:

  • WebDimension Ltd. shall not be liable if user acting in illegal ways to represent the company in sales.

  • WebDimension Ltd. distances itself from any customers who present false information about the company and business.

  • WebDimension Ltd. strictly prohibits the advertising companies and products through pornographic site.

  • The user agrees to use franchise possibilities under the rules of contract.

  • Each active user is solely responsible for himself to adhere to this agreement and representation in sales.

  • Each user is solely responsible for the accuracy of data entry while filling in the registration form.

  • WebDimension Ltd. unconditionally guarantees that achieved sales network can not be changed.

  • WebDimension Ltd. guarantees to all users all the terms of this agreement in time existence of the company.

    WebDimension Ltd.                                          All rights reserved!