Account & Transactions




Domestic currency of WebDimension (Ltd.) is the Euro (€). All incoming or outgoing transactions can be made from internal account in Your business office (center). From internal account You can use the money to buy products or services. For all transactions use one of options from the list. For any purchase of products or services, create an invoice on Your name with specifications about purchase, from office.

Franchise Card


Order from your business office (center) franchisee MasterCard. Lift your bonuses at ATMs around the world, or simply perform your payments of goods directly from card when shopping in 210 countries. Internal account is an integral part of the business office (center) for each user. Business office has more purpose and functions for all of your needs. From the management for all of the products and services up to all of the other items that you need, including the all types of transactions.

Internal account serves to all types of transactions for every user. Thus for the special awards and bonuses that WebDimension (Ltd.) can reward You for great and extraordinary success in business. All users can donate money to internal accounts, from their internal accounts to other accounts. Keep track unlimited all of transactions in the items "Transaction History", from Your business office (center)...

Look at the list which method suits you best for incoming or outgoing transactions:

Payment Method Incoming transactions Outgoing transactions